Our Pedal Go-Karts are a great alternative to disability bikes, trikes and other adaptive bikes for people with special needs.

At BERG we’re proud to support NDIS, because everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom to wheel!

If you have a NDIS funding plan and are interested in applying for funding towards a BERG product, then we’d be delighted to support you. We can provide you or your Occupational Therapist with a quote to assist with your application, and process payment via invoice.

We’ve heard from so many happy (and emotional) customers that BERG Pedal Go-Karts have helped their child gain more freedom to play and explore the great outdoors. They’ve told us our karts are a great, more affordable alternative to disability bikes, trikes and other adaptive bikes. The key features of BERG Pedal Karts can support your child or young person with balance and help refine their motor skills.


Key Benefits


  • Builds social and emotional confidence: by using a mainstream product that suits all ages and abilities.
  • Four-wheel stability: all our Karts have four wheels which keep them stable on all sorts of terrain, unlike other trikes and bikes
  • Brake-freewheel-reverse technology:  allows you to pedal forwards, backwards and brake with ease. Freewheel means you can ‘coast’ so while the Kart is still moving the pedals remain still. 
  • Easy pedalling: our Karts are easy to pedal, and some even come with multiple gears! This makes them suitable for children and young people with low muscle tone.
  • Adjustable, ergonomic seats: seats are comfortable and can be adjusted as your young rider grows.
  • Strength and safety: all our products are designed with safety top of mind. They’re built from high-strength steel, with no exposed moving parts. 
  • Ride together: if you opt for a family Kart, then you can join in the fun and ride side by side! Our family Karts come with two to four seats.

And check out our trampolines too! We’ve had amazing feedback because our airflow technology mats give extra bounce that satisfies self-stimulatory behaviour and has been reported to increase focus , relaxation & social skills.


How to apply


BERG Pedal Go-Karts are classified as Assistive Technology by the NDIS. To get funding towards a purchase:

  • Ask us for a quote for the BERG product that suits your needs.
  • Speak to your Occupational Therapist about the ways in which assistive technology would help improve your day-to-day activities.
  • Share this information with your NDIS planner to see if it fits within your support budget.
  • TAD in your region can supply you with a quote and supporting letter if required when requesting funding for a BERG Pedal Go-Kart.


Find the perfect BERG Pedal Go-Kart for you…