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“10/10 for every aspect of our BERG CHAMPION TRAMPOLINE purchase from the initial phone call to putting it up. Friendly, helpful, well priced. All round fantastic service. I definitely recommend BERG Australia to anyone in the market for a trampoline or other fun outdoor things. We will most definitely be back to do business with you again. Thank you.”

Mandy B.


“I got in early with Christmas presents and ordered the BERG BUZZY NITRO with a BERG TRAILER thinking there would be significant delays due to Covid. I placed the order at 4pm and had my order delivered to my door in less than 24hours. Amazing customer service and products are so sturdy. Highly recommend this amazing company! My eldest son also enjoys his BERG BUDDY CROSS, he got 2 years ago from BERG Australia and it’s still going strong!”


Nicole Yeaman2

“I approached BERG Australia a few years ago after holidaying in a resort that had the BERG X-CROSS BFR. My daughter loved it and spent all her time on it, so I decided to buy one for her as a Christmas gift. These products are so sturdy and durable and we (the whole family) love it. Everyone points to us when we’re on it as it’s not just a cheap small one you get from other retail stores but one even Mum and Dad have fun on. BERG Australia were so helpful in helping me choose the right one and we couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend this business and if you haven’t ridden one of these, I highly recommend you do! Great job on providing Australia this Top Quality product.”

Nicole Y.


“This cart is life changing. My toddler has always loved being on a bike, but she would refuse to go up or down a hill because she was afraid she would tip over. Any time we tried to encourage her there were a lot of tantrums and tears. On the BERG GO2 RETRO PINK  she flies over hills and there are definitely no tears! She (and I) feel really secure because of how well made and stable the bike is. As an added benefit, the bike is perfect for my 10month old to learn to ride on too. The only trick is getting the toddler to share!”

Dave L.

“Thank you BERG Australia, for such a wonderful experience while purchasing a BERG BUZZY BLOOM for our daughter. With your service only surpassed by the ongoing benefit of such a quality product. After riding one of your karts at a tourist park, she was besotted, so we looked for you. From my first call, to when the cart arrived, you were informative, helpful and your genuine nature was obvious. Not only is our daughter absolutely enamoured (with the cart & us for buying it for her!!) but she now spends more time outside. She can ride her cart all by herself so her confidence has grown, we can take it with us to the park and we now spend more time together as a family. Next tip I need is how to get her back inside for dinner!”

James S.


Our son loves his stylish BERG GO2 SPARX RED and we love it’s quality and versatility; scoot, push or pedal, it has it all. Not to mention it’s suitability for use indoors and out. It is also very sturdy and we have peace of mind that he won’t easily tip the kart or slip off. It definitely ticks a lot of the boxes that are important to us as parents; quality, safety & fun, fun, fun!!!”

Tegan H.


“The BERG X-ITE BFR  is absolutely the BEST Product I have ever purchased!  Looking at buying another one in the next few weeks”

Jennifer B.


“Excellent products, excellent service and the BERG Australia family are so knowledgeable about their products, very helpful when trying to decide on the right pedal go-kart!”

Tiffany B.


PURE JOY! As soon as Adam steps foot on the BERG ULTIMATE TRAMPOLINE his mood improves and he is better able to focus on the tasks ahead. He usually opts to play alone because he finds social interactions challenging, but now asks us to join him on the trampoline  We had no idea how AMAZING this would be for building his social skills

Sarah W.


“My boy hopped on the BERG GO2 RETRO GREEN baby go cart at 10 months old and loves it. He scoots around without the pedals at the moment. Once he masters the pedals it’s awesome to know he can ride it for a couple more years! The handle makes him feel like he’s got the independence he wants, and gives us the control to keep him safe roadside and on the footpath. Best part is that it means he wants to go outside and play outside like all kids should !!! Very happy guys! Thank you.”

Cam L.


“Wowzer’s – what a tonne of fun the kids had on the BERG GRAN TOUR 4-seater on the holidays! THANK YOU for placing these at tourist parks. The kids occupied themselves with endless fun in the great outdoors – electronics were long forgotten. The kids absolutely LOVED the excitement of trying something new (& super fun!). As parents, we assessed the cart before the kids jumped on and it’s so well built. It’s strong and sturdy so it definitely assured us it was durable enough to withstand ALL the kids at the same time because nobody wanted to get off! We highly recommend them for all ages. All the mum’s and dad’s joined in on the fun too, so we all had an extra good night’s sleep!”


“We recently purchased a BERG ULTIMATE CHAMPION FLATGROUND TRAMPOLINE for our grandchildren. Their parents had done a lot of research to ensure we were choosing the right one for the boys aged 5 & 6. So many comparisons to be made once you’re in the market & it trumped them all! It needed to be robust, safe and had to last the distance because, lets face it…it’s an investment. The boys are on it before and after school and invite all of their visitors to join them…including us! It was super easy to assemble and still looks as brand new as the day it arrived. The grand kids are having a ball and it also gets that last bit of energy out at the end of the day (so their parents are happy too!). Win win.”

Sally L.

“My toddler adores her BERG GO2 SPARX YELLOW, and so do I! It’s sturdy and safe enough for her to use on her own, and the ability to put the pedals out when she’s ready for them means that it’s really versatile. And of course, it’s AMAZING value for money! Staff at BERG Australia are always friendly and helpful.”

Eleanor C.