Kids Pedal Go-Karts

Embark on a delightful journey with our curated collection of BERG pedal go-karts, each uniquely tailored to match the evolving needs of growing children. Starting with the BERG Buzzy range, specifically designed for our youngest enthusiasts aged 2 to 5, these pedal go-karts serve as a perfect introduction to the world of pedaling. Available in exciting versions like the BERG Buzzy Racing and the eye-catching yellow BERG Buzzy, it ensures your child’s first pedal experience is nothing short of memorable.

Progressing into the heart of childhood, we present the BERG Buddy series, designed for kids aged 3 to 8, offering a slightly larger frame than the Buzzy for that extra comfort. With diverse colour palettes and delightful themes, there’s a BERG Buddy to resonate with every child’s unique personality. For our slightly older adventurers, between ages 4 to 12, the compact and nimble BERG Rally awaits. Perfect for neighborhood escapades or playful rides in the park, its adjustable seat and steering wheel ensure it grows alongside your child. And for the matured riders aged 5 and beyond, delve into our extensive large go-kart range. From the standard BFR to the sophisticated E-BFR, each model is a testament to BERG’s commitment to quality, innovation, and most importantly, boundless fun.

  • What age are pedal go-karts for?

    Pedal go-karts are designed for a range of ages, starting as young as 2 years old. Our collection includes: BERG Buzzy range for ages 2-5 BERG Buddy series for ages 3-8 BERG Rally for ages 4-12 Large go-karts for ages 5 and up. This ensures that there's a suitable pedal go-kart for every stage of childhood.

  • How do pedal karts work?

    Pedal go-karts operate through a chain-driven system similar to bicycles. When the rider pedals, the chain turns the rear axle, propelling the kart forward. Many karts also feature a brake system and can coast without pedaling. The design ensures both forward and reverse movement depending on the direction of pedaling.

  • What is the best pedal go-kart for my 6 year old?

    For a 6-year-old, the BERG Buddy series is an excellent choice. It's designed for children aged 3-8 and offers a comfortable fit with multiple colours and themes to suit individual preferences. The kart's size and design are tailored for kids in this age group, ensuring a safe and fun experience.

  • What is the best pedal gokart for my 10 year old?

    For 10-year-olds, the BERG Rally is a fantastic option. It's designed for children aged 4-12, making it a perfect fit for pre-teens. This pedal go-kart is lightweight, ideal for neighbourhood rides, and comes with adjustable seats and steering wheels to accommodate growing kids.